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Balers, shears and shear balers for scrap iron and car bodies


About us

CRASH is the result of thirty years of experience in the design and production of machinery for the processing of scrap iron, using innovative processing systems from the outset. These systems have always distinguished us in the sector with their total uniqueness and innovation compared to the systems offered on the market by other machinery manufacturers, who are stuck with traditional systems which are all similar to each other.

Today, CRASH products are characterised by their versatility, ease of use, robustness and low operating costs, while maintaining their design which is virtually unique in the sector.

CRASH balers and shears are designed to process all types of scrap iron, metal and car bodies. If you’re an auto wrecker, metal recycler, scrap dealer or scrap metal producer, CRASH products are the right answer to your needs.


CRASH designs and manufactures 3 product lines entirely, often developed with the support of direct users:

CRASH BALER – Line of roll-off and semi-mobile balers with boxes from 3 to 7 metres

CRASH CAYMAN – Roll-off and semi-mobile shears with a cutting force of 650 to 1100 tonnes

CRASH BC SERIES – Fixed and mobile shear balers with boxes from 5 to 7 metres and cutting forces from 650 to 1100 tonnes

Crash Baler

The compacting press

The concept of the compacting press was born in 1998 from the design flair of its inventor G.F. and over the years it’s developed more and more, taking on different names, until it evolved into CRASH BALER. Harmonious, clear-cut lines conceal a powerful baler with a voluminous load size, an incredible pressing force combined with a high pack rate.

CRASH BALER is offered in 3 different box lengths to suit different customer requirements and the type of material to be processed.

Crash Baler 3.0

Box length 3 metres and stack section 50x50 ideal for compacting non-ferrous metals such as aluminium profiles, semi-rigid aluminium, mixed copper and sheet metal to be sent directly to foundry melting furnaces.

Crash Baler 5.0

Box length 5 metres, it's the best-seller out of all of them and is particularly popular with European car dismantlers who appreciate its ability to press any type of car quickly and easily.

Crash Baler 6.0

Box length 6 metres, a real gem among balers. Specially designed for the specific needs of the most demanding large car dismantlers and scrap iron recyclers, capable of compacting vans and SUVs of any size.

All of CRASH BALER’s balers are supplied with radio remote control, automatic cycle, remote assistance and silenced motor compartment and can optionally have a front ejection door and 4 hydraulic lifting legs.

The main features which distinguish BALERs

Why choose Crash Baler

  • Innovative

    Large internal dimensions of the compaction box, similar to those of a roll-off container

  • Revolutionary

    The scrap is loaded and compacted for processing incredibly quickly and easily

  • User friendly

    Easy to use, also suitable for less experienced operators with the "automatic" function

  • Reliable

    Rigid and robust structure built with special high-thickness steels.

  • Competitive

    Low production cost per processed parcel

Crash Cayman

Roll-off and mobile shears

The mobile shear is totally unique in that it combines large loading dimensions, high cutting power and low consumption all into one compact and easily transportable machine. Ideal for those who only need to cut scrap iron to be sent directly to the steelworks.  Unlike traditional roll-off and mobile shears, the CRASH CAYMAN shear is able to give strong compaction to the material to be sheared thanks to the movement of the mobile side wall and of the vertical blade press.

CRASH CAYMAN is produced in 3 different models to suit all the categories of scrap iron.


Roll-off shear with 650 tonnes maximum cutting force and 21 tonnes weight, ideal for small scrap yards preparing to deliver scrap to steelworks and for those with frequent mobility needs.


Roll-off shear with 800 tonnes maximum cutting force and 25 tonnes weight, built for scrap dealers of any size and for those who need a shear to take directly to demolition sites.


Semi-mobile shear with 4 hydraulic lifting legs, 1,100 tonnes maximum cutting force and 30 tonnes weight, aimed at the most demanding wreckers and at those who usually deal with industrial demolition.

CRASH CAYMAN shears are equipped as standard with radio remote control, automatic cutting cycle, automatic greasing system for the cutting head, silenced motor compartment and remote assistance.

The main features which distinguish the Cayman

Why choose Crash Cayman

  • Convenient

    Large surface area of the scrap loading area.

  • Technological

    Ideal for cutting tanks, pylons, tubulars, rails

  • Safe

    Mobile wall side compaction, exclusive to CRASH

  • Powerful

    Innovative cutting system which combines speed with cutting force

  • Efficient

    Extreme compactness of the sheared material

  • Competitiva

    Low production cost per tonne processed

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